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Asian Carp Doomsday Clock nears midnight after study suggests some of the invaders are in the Great Lakes

Some Asian carp are likely living in southern Lake Michigan and western Lake Erie, according to scientists at the University of Notre Dame. Researchers recently announced that they  found more Asian carp DNA in western Lake Erie and southern Lake Michigan. The … Continue reading

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Some moments of nature from the Great Lakes

Lately I’ve been writing about a lot of the problems facing the Great Lakes. So I’m taking a brief respite to point out  a few of my favorites photos from the Great Lakes region. It’s important that we fight to … Continue reading

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Announcing the Asian Carp Doomsday Clock — a new way to convey the risk of these invaders storming the Great Lakes

In the 1940s, scientists concerned that the world was headed for nuclear holocaust unveiled a clever graphic called the Doomsday Clock. Given the recent news that Asian carp DNA has been found in Lake Erie — and that the invaders … Continue reading

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Holy carp! Asian carp DNA found in Lake Erie

Scientists announced on Friday (the 13th) that they’ve detected Asian carp DNA in Lake Erie. The samples were collected from the lake in August 2011 but just recently analyzed. A Notre Dame scientist who made the discovery said the most likely … Continue reading

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