The Great Lakes are in peril … again

I am about to report some distressing news about the Great Lakes, so I want to preface my comments with some counterbalancing information about the wondrous lakes we call Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario.

Storm clouds over Lake Superior.

Storm clouds over Lake Superior.

The Great Lakes are indescribably beautiful, vast and inspiring. This collection of  inland freshwater seas is one of the world’s most spectacular (and economically valuable) natural resources — the Great Lakes contain 20 percent of all surface freshwater on the planet, provide drinking water for 30 million people in the U.S. and Canada and support the world’s fourth largest regional economy.

Despite the grandeur and economic importance of the Great Lakes, humans continue to abuse the freshwater seas. My latest article, in Illinois Issues magazine, explores the repercussions of that abuse.

In the article, I took it upon myself to assign human illnesses to the problems facing the Great Lakes. Lake Superior has a runaway fever, Lake Erie has COPD, lakes Michigan and Huron are anemic and Lake Ontario has PTSD. Read the article here to learn why.

DO NOT despair after reading the article. The Great Lakes deserve, and demand, a more powerful response. Please join me in doing whatever you can to restore and protect the Great Lakes. Because we all contribute in some way to problems facing the lakes, all of us can be part of the solution.


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One Response to The Great Lakes are in peril … again

  1. Tom Kaminski says:

    So how can I help? Something needs to be done before we have just chemicals to drink and our kids and grandkids won’t know what real water even is…

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